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6 Solfeggio Main Frequencies - Mix 2

by Harmony Of The Mind

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The 6 Solfeggio main frequencies all at once, solfeggio pure tones amplitude modulated and mixed. A powerful Solfeggio meditation, providing all the healing and health benefits of the individual Solfeggio frequencies. This track is 30 minutes long so can use during a break in the day. The 6 Solfeggio frequencies are 396Hz, 417Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz, 741Hz, and 852Hz.

Watch the video: youtu.be/Oegwz3M3QA0

Caution: Do not use brain wave therapies while operating or driving any kind of machinery. Use of this therapy does not have any guaranteed effect and is at your own risk.


released April 17, 2018


all rights reserved


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