Healing & Pain Relief Energy - Solfeggio Music With Water Sounds - 174Hz 285Hz 528Hz

by Harmony Of The Mind

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Solfeggio sleep music with nature water sounds for healing and pain relief. Frequencies 174 Hz, 285 Hz and 528 Hz are present throughout, frequency 174 Hz is a natural anesthetic providing pain relief, 285 Hz provides whole body healing and 528 Hz harmonizes with the solar plexus chakra and provides healing DNA repair.

Frequency 174Hz - A natural anaesthetic, it reduces pain physically and energetically.
Frequency 285Hz - Restructures damaged organs, leaving your body rejuvenated and energized.
Frequency 528Hz - Repair human DNA and increase amount of life energy. This frequency brings transformation and miracles into your life.

Watch the YouTube video with flowing water and harmonizing color - www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFMNK_lM5nw


released February 28, 2022


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Harmony Of The Mind Wales, UK

Music & sounds for meditation, healing, sleep & relaxation

Brainwaves - isochronic tones & binaural beats

Ancient Solfeggio & Rife frequencies

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