Mystical Oneness - Solfeggio 963 Hz - Crown Chakra - Music Ambience & Nature Sounds

by Harmony Of The Mind

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Solfeggio 963 Hz ambient meditation music with nature water sounds. Activate Sahasrara Crown chakra, awaken to your original perfect state and reconnect you with the spirit. This meditation music also incorporates Solfeggio frequencies 852 Hz and 741 Hz, helping with a good interconnection. Sahasrara Crown chakra allows you to experience mystical oneness with everything, knowing that all of creation is interconnected. The Sahasrara Crown chakra also connects you with the universe and divine source of creation. This meditation is ideal for helping to remove fear and anxiety, allowing you to live with gratitude, trust and faith.

Watch the 4K video on YouTube which also has features the gentle water running down over rocks:-


released May 28, 2020


all rights reserved


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