Liberating & Change Energy - Solfeggio Healing Music With Water Sounds - 396Hz 417Hz

by Harmony Of The Mind



Solfeggio healing sleep music with relaxing water sounds for liberating and change. Frequencies 396 Hz and 417 Hz are present throughout, frequency 396 Hz harmonizes with root chakra and frequency 417 Hz harmonizes with sacral chakra.

396 Hz Root Chakra - turn grief into joy, liberate guilt and fear, enables achievement of goals
417 Hz Sacral Chakra - energy to bring about change, clear traumatic experiences of past events

Watch the YouTube video with flowing water and harmonizing color -


released February 27, 2022


all rights reserved



Harmony Of The Mind Wales, UK

Music & sounds for meditation, healing, sleep & relaxation

Brainwaves - isochronic tones & binaural beats

Ancient Solfeggio & Rife frequencies

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